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David Copcutt
27 September 1972
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Born in Jersey City, NJ, lived and worked in New York City since 1980.

I am 6' 2", around 290 lbs, shaved head.


"Because you took me for granted, changed the rules of our relationship and expected me to lay down and just accept them because you are the cute one with the vagina, YOU NOW GET NOTHING FROM ME." - Me, circa 2002

"Anger breeds honesty." - Me, 2007


Question: "What's the difference between a terrorist and a redhead?" Answer: "You can negotiate with a terrorist."


The Ego Poem
"I am a lantern in the night, my dear.
You are there, you fill me up, and I glow brightly.
Should you leave, I will burn for awhile, then flicker and fade
as my fuel burns low...

..without you."
Me, circa 2001, written for Emily

"When the anger has gone
   What is left to me?
      Faded Memories
         Failed Dreams
            A Broken Heart?

Despite your claims of love,
These were your gifts to me."

David Copcutt, latter half of 1996.